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Taylor Swift, 33, and Joe Alwyn, 32, have split after a six-year relationship. That reports showbiz site Entertainment tonight. The two had ended their relationship a few weeks earlier.

It had already been noticed by various media outlets that Alwyn had not been present at the American singer-songwriter’s concerts recently. Swift is currently on tour. In the past, British actor Alwyn regularly came to see the performances of his (then) sweetheart.

The two were rarely seen together in public anyway. The couple preferred to keep their relationship private, the showbiz site reports TMZ. Alwyn and Swift had parted ways as friends.

Declaration of love

An interesting detail is that Swift released a new song last month, “All the Girls,” which is seen as a declaration of love for Alwyn. However, it is not clear when the song was written and recorded.

Alwyn has also co-written several of Swift’s songs, including “Exile”, “Betty”, “Champagne Problems”, “Coney Island”, and “Evermore”.

The relationship with Alwyn has been Swift’s most stable relationship since the singer’s breakout. Before that, she had relationships with singer Harry Styles, actor Jake Gyllenhaal, and producer Calvin Harris, among others.

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