President Biden sends a double message

President Biden sends a double message

The United States is sticking to its departure on August 31, while President Joe Biden said there was a contingency plan at a press conference after the G7 summit. ‘A double story,’ says American correspondent John Postma, ‘We are on schedule, but there is an urgent plan, what kind of story are you telling? All at once. ‘

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Vague, vague

According to Postma, it is not very clear, at least not about the emergency plan. He says the Taliban drew a red line on August 31 and that the Americans had failed to negotiate further. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. A White House spokesman could not be reached for comment.

Meanwhile, a small contingent of non-essential U.S. military personnel has been withdrawn and is expected to be transferred to military personnel from the civilian exit on Friday. There are about 5,800 US troops in Afghanistan with heavy equipment such as helicopters.

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Growing Criticism

Criticism of the United States is growing, and according to Postma it is embarrassing for Democrats and Republicans. There is also growing criticism of President Biden’s communications. He held a press conference 5 hours after the G7 summit, in which he told a story about the House of Representatives. Postma says, ‘A strange moment’, ‘He did not answer any questions, it raised more questions’.

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