Pokémon GO Fest events bring a €235 million boost to cities

Pokémon GO Fest events bring a €235 million boost to cities

Last August, Pokémon GO Fest events were held in New York, Osaka, and London, which were a huge success according to players who attended. But these events were also a huge success for the cities that organized them. Niantic released some numbers surrounding the economic events:

  • The three cities jointly received an additional income of 235 million euros
  • 70 million euros of which were tax money (VAT, etc.)
  • In London, companies collected €52.8 million, and €25.2 million were collected in taxes
  • For comparison, this is what other major events do:
    • Champions League Final 2023: 75 million euros
    • Eurovision Song Contest 2023: €62.8 million
  • In total, there were just over 50,000 participants at Pokémon GO Fest London, and on average those players spent €494 each.
  • 62% of these players came from outside the UK
  • 49% of these players indicate that they will return again within a year
  • 60% of players in London are between 25 and 44 years old

There was also a great quote:

“The openness and curiosity of Londoners has made Pokémon GO Fest a huge success in our city. London’s diverse community, great choice of venues and excellent transport links make it an ideal place for events to flourish. We’re excited about future Pokémon GO Fests and committed to working with partners like Niantic to bring more Interesting events to London.”, Aldous Tracey Halliwell, Director of Tourism, Conferences and Major Events at London & Partners

It seems like London is keen to host the event again and since Niantic is posting this, it will likely say something about Pokémon GO Fest 2024!

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