Platform 31 knowledge and network organization for the city and region

Platform 31 knowledge and network organization for the city and region

In their quest to achieve better living conditions in vulnerable neighborhoods, more and more municipalities are working on a region-oriented approach. This requires an integrated approach, in which the different policy areas, budgets and levels are interrelated (more). Because politics is the work of the people, the presence of “liaison officers” within municipalities is becoming increasingly important. In this online journal, we researched these urban connections: what are their characteristics and how can they be optimally supported?

In our paper on “Connections in a Area-Oriented Approach”, we examined these urban connections – who are they, what are their characteristics and how can municipalities provide them optimal support? These questions are central to this online journal, where you will find the following components:

  • Insights from science. We highlight three interesting concepts from the scientific literature: the political entrepreneur, the civil service professional and the Five Profiles of Neighborhood Professionals.
  • Characteristics, characteristics and needs of conductors. We collect the most important insights on who (who) could be a link in the area-oriented approach, what qualities their work requires and the factors in the work environment that support their activities. We list a number of advice for decision-makers and policymakers on a region-oriented approach to finding and supporting effective connections as much as possible.
  • Pictures of the conductors in the area directed approach. We spoke to six conductors from different municipalities. What are their qualities? How do they contribute to the cohesion of the various subjects and the municipality employees in a district-oriented approach? How does their organization ensure that they can perform their (connected) activities optimally?
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