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Delayed! The science behind the art of the long path

Procrestising, a fancy English word for procrastination, we all struggle with it at one point or another. Not only is it prevalent in students’ homes during exam time, the tax return often remains unnecessarily long, just like that stupid job. Jort Kelder last admits, “My great creativity will never exist” Gortcast. A good conversation about the science behind procrastination.

Gurt Kelder in conversation with Dr. Joel Anderson, a philosopher at Utrecht University, who has been doing a lot of research into the social context of procrastination. “It definitely has social implications,” he says to Gort Kelder. “Just think of the people who are getting into debt because they’re stuck in their procrastination. Or the people who don’t go to the doctor with that one spot.”

Better performance under pressure

There are also persistent misconceptions about procrastination. It is often heard that people do better under pressure and thus want to put everything off until as soon as possible from the deadline. “It’s scientifically proven wrong,” says Anderson.

“The quality of the work will definitely deteriorate with postponement.” You might rush to do everything quickly at the last minute, but the question is whether you do better under pressure.

Incurable disease

Is procrastination an incurable disease? You have people who can never be fixed and will never learn, and who continue to procrastinate despite negative consequences. But there are definitely tricks to teaching yourself a different behavior.

“An example we hear a lot is using string,” Anderson says. But if you create an “if-then” structure for yourself, you will likely do it anyway. For example, if you tell yourself, every time I put toothpaste on my toothbrush, the floss is in the sink. Then you will see that you are using it. Flossing a lot more than if you didn’t. “

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