Perseverance pays tribute even in Peak America

Perseverance pays tribute even in Peak America


PEAK – Jubilee members may be far away, but that doesn’t stop the Volharding Peak Music Association from taking them into the spotlight. For example, Yvonne Joling was awarded a certificate and badge for 50 years of membership in the United States. These decorations had been sent before the direct connection with America, and the whole association found Yvonne a great surprise.

He is one of 23 members of Vollharding who were honored this evening on the occasion of their membership anniversary. At the end of the season, it happened in ‘Het Parkse Whose’ in ‘S-Heerenberg’. A veritable gala evening was planned for the members. It was also the premiere of the ‘So Is Head Eleven’ concert. On the big screen, members were able to enjoy a beautiful musical performance by Belinda Kinnear and Robert Pauwels. During the intermission it was introduced with the pattern of jubilees and holiday refreshments and drinks after the festivities.
– 12.5 years: Rudy Nippeling, Marije Johnson, Pauline van Beek, Bart Mending, Lisa Peters, Mads den Warwerk, Remko Peters, Marco Koning, Nicolette Verkerk, Maryk Vonk, Sil Johnson and Karla Peters.
– 25 years: Eric Hendrickson and Jeb Hansen.
– 40 years: Frank Boseman, Harald Niebeling and Gerard Brahm.
– 50 years: Jocke de Winckel, Marion Brahm, Yvonne Joling, Herma Schmidt and Vincent Lambui.
– 60 years: Chris Balduk
After all the festivities, the holiday was celebrated with refreshments and drinks.

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