Equinix is ​​expanding in Latin America with the acquisition of four Chilean data centers

Equinix has further expanded its platform Equinix in Latin America. For example, the data center provider recently completed its acquisition of four data centers in Chile from Empresa Nacional De Telecomunicaciones (Entel), Chile’s telecommunications provider. In addition, Equinix has signed a conditional agreement to acquire a data center in Peru – and from Entel. The organizational value of the five data centers is approximately $ 735 million at exchange rates prevailing at the date of signing.

Equinix currently operates eleven International Trade Exchange (IBX) data centers in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. Strategic Santiago’s addition of four new data centers in Chile – Emerging Data and Technology Center – provides an opportunity for local businesses and multinationals to accelerate their digital transformation. The new data centers offer significant expansion capability for Santiago’s development, enabling Equinix to meet immediate and future customer needs.

Fast growing area

“We continue to see companies in all industries in Latin America digitally transform and improve the cloud,” said Tara Risser, president of Equinix, USA. “Equinix’s expansion in Chile and Peru accelerates the opportunities for digital transformation in this rapidly growing region and is an important step in our long-term strategy to expand digital access to our customers around the world. Helps multinationals doing business – to grow in a responsible and sustainable way, which is in line with our global sustainability strategy.

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