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BethlehemIsrael has asked the international community to postpone Christmas Day for at least six months. Due to the bombings in Gaza, Christmas celebrations have become inappropriate.

Israel and the Palestinian territories play an important role in the Christian Christmas story. Because of Christmas, many Christians want to go to Bethlehem, the Palestinian place where Jesus is said to have been born 2024 years ago. But this city, according to Israel, is on the list to be bombed. “A lot of Palestinian buildings are still standing in Bethlehem, so we still have a lot of work to do there. Unfortunately, because of our bombings, there is now no place for Christian celebrations,” Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said.

According to Christians, Christmas is also about “peace on earth,” a message preached by Jesus himself. Netanyahu said: “I understand the disappointment, but unfortunately peace on earth is not possible at this time.” “The demolition of the Gaza Strip has not yet been completed, and after that we still have to start on the West Bank and other Palestinian areas. I would like to take any Christmas ideas into consideration for later, but for now we will finish our mission first.