Pay equity among American women's soccer embodies the power of sport

Pay equity among American women’s soccer embodies the power of sport

He. She European Women’s Football Championship In full swing, no one can miss it. The sport is becoming more visible, viewing numbers are on the rise, and women’s soccer regularly joins in as experts on talk shows. Over the years, women’s football has grown exponentially, with a special role for american football women. This year they managed to get the same amount of money as the players of the men’s national team, which is a huge step forward for the sport around the world. Therefore, Bazaar is delighted to appoint the US Women’s Team in the Women of the Week category, due to their exemplary career both inside and outside the sport.

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American women’s football is ‘Ladies of the Week’

It was a years-long battle between the NFL and the Football Association Football: mission (finally!) they get paid as much as their male peers at the same level.

In America, when it comes to football, the roles are completely reversed. Women have outdone men in sports, won many World Cup titles and are very popular with the public: about 15 million Americans watched the World Cup Final in 2019.

at the bottom of their success

As inconsequential as it may sound, their success has been the main reason why American football players earn less than men. This resulted in a lawsuit, in which the $66 million claim was dismissed because “women during the period covered by the lawsuit (2015-2019) gained relatively much from their victories, while men just lost.”

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Women’s soccer enforces equal pay

Suddenly and unexpectedly, things took off this past February, and the US Soccer Federation announced it was committed to promoting equality in football. finally! The women of American football have completely imposed financial equality themselves, led by star footballer Megan Rapinoe. Where business still has a long way to go, sport is taking the lead in recognition and equality. With strength reaching far beyond here, in our country. From 1 July, Dutch women in soccer will receive the same wages as men.

There is still a long way to go to completely erase income disparities between men and women, but the show of American women’s football: Where there is will, there is way. Megan Rapinoe rightly called it a “big win” at the time, and we’re thrilled to be joining him.

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