The Commonwealth Games start tomorrow: this is what we can expect

The Commonwealth Games start tomorrow: this is what we can expect

Tomorrow is today again: Then the Commonwealth Games begin in England. This multi-sport event takes place every four years and all member states of the Commonwealth of Nations can participate. That’s what we can expect of him, also in the royal realm.

Big and comprehensive event

This time around, the Commonwealth Games will be held in Birmingham, from July 28 to August 8. The event celebrates the diversity of 56 different Commonwealth countries. It is the UK’s largest sporting event since the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics. The event’s opening ceremony will take place at Alexander Stadium, where matches will be played at several venues across the city (including the NEC Arena and Sandwell Aquatics Center).

Many different sports are featured at this event, from swimming and diving to cricket and athletics. In total, more than 4,500 athletes participate in the competitions. The main focus is on inclusivity. Athletes with disabilities are fully integrated into the regular teams, and separate competitions are not held for them. It is also the first time that more medals have been awarded to women than men in such a major sporting event.

Charles and Camilla

As always, there will be plenty of royals who will be attending the Commonwealth Games. Buckingham Palace sources say we probably won’t see Queen Elizabeth until much later. She suffered from physical problems during the jubilee celebrations earlier this year, which forced her to miss several other events. That’s why she’s taking it easy this time. However, we can already look forward to the visit of Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla, who will be attending the opening ceremony on behalf of the Queen. They were also present at the event in 2018, yielding footage like the following:

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Charles and Camilla at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Photo: BrunoPress

Other manifestations of ownership

In addition to Charles and Camilla, we will be able to identify Prince Edward and Countess Sophie at the opening ceremony. Edward plays a special role: he is the deputy patron of the Commonwealth Games Federation. In 2018, it led to a full run of the Commonwealth Games in Australia, where he visited no fewer than 32 events in 8 days. Princess Anne will participate in various sports competitions throughout the event. We won’t hear much from Prince William and Duchess Kate: They will only have a visit for matches on August 2 on schedule.

If you want to watch sports, you can contact the BBC (which has been broadcasting the Commonwealth Games since 1954). The event will be broadcast on BBC One, BBC Two and BBC Three. There is also a report on BBC Radio 5 Live and Radio 5 Sports Extra. We look forward to the beautiful pictures!

Source: HELLO! | Photo: BrunoPress

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