Part of the stolen German "crown jewels" has been found after talks about a deal with the suspects |  Abroad

Part of the stolen German “crown jewels” has been found after talks about a deal with the suspects | Abroad

Three years after the prestigious jewels were stolen from a museum in East Germany Dresden, a “significant” portion of the loot has resurfaced. Thirty-one pieces of jewelry were seized in Berlin on Friday night, according to a police and judicial report in a joint press release.

Several parts of the jewels set with diamonds and other precious stones appear to be complete after initial inspection. Beneath that is the breaststroke star of the Order of the White Eagle—Polish’s highest decoration—and a hat ornament. The confiscated jewelry was transported to Dresden under the supervision of special police units. They will first be checked by forensic investigators for traces. Then specialists from the Dresden State Art Collections check the jewelry for authenticity and completeness.

In November 2019 from the museum Gruns Gerulp (Green Vault) Looted jewelry is part of the collection Crown Jewels by Elector Frederick Augustus II (1670-1733), also called August the Strong or the “Sun King of Saxony” because of the many art-filled Baroque buildings he built. The museum, which owes its name to the walls painted in part malachite green, is located in the Residentieslot.

possible deal

The confiscation of the jewelry came after “exploratory talks” between the lawyers of the six defendants and the Public Prosecution Department, with the intervention of the court. The main topic was “a possible agreement on the further course and outcome of the criminal process and the return of the available stolen goods.” According to the Public Prosecution Service, the details of this “deal” cannot be disclosed now “because we are holding it for the hearing”. She added that the trial will continue next Wednesday.

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Saxony’s interior minister thanked the police and the judiciary on Twitter for their “successful work”. The general director of the Dresden Art Collection called the seizure of part of the loot “a real Christmas miracle”. “I always said the jewelry sets would make a comeback,” she told regional station MDR.

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Looted jewelry. © Saxony Police

Berlin clan

in stealing jewelry In the early morning of November 25, 2019Thieves stole 21 pieces of jewelry containing 4,300 diamonds and diamonds, with a total value of more than 113 million euros. The investigation led to the arrest of seven suspects, among them Twin.

Six of them have been on trial in Dresden since the end of January on charges of aggravated robbery as a member of a gang and arson. The accused holds German citizenship and his age ranges between 23 and 28 years. According to German media, they belong to one The notorious Berlin “clan”.just like suspect number seven, who has been arrested since May.


Also in the case Dutch, 54 years old He was arrested for fraud on the sidelines of a jewelry robbery. He pretended to be a diamond dealer and claimed that someone had offered him a star breastplate of the Polish Order of the White Eagle for €40,000. The man in his fifties stated that he wanted to return the gem-encrusted award to the state art collection, which is owned by the state of Saxony, after the purchase.

After representatives of the Dresden State Art Collection handed him more than 40,000 euros to buy back the breast medal, he fled. The Public Prosecution Office (OM) announced last month that, in fact, he had never owned the precious piece of jewellery.


In June of last year, a group of wealthy Germans offered a €1m reward for the gold tip leading to the recovery of the loot from the astonishing jewel heist. At the end of 2019, the police and the Public Prosecution Service have already offered a reward of 500,000 euros for finding the treasure of the jewel. German private investigator Josef Reisch, known for his investigation into the downing of MH17 and who offered a €38 million reward for the names of the perpetrators, has been promised a €5 million reward for the theft of the jewels. This brings the total to 6.5 million euros.

The thieves smashed one of the display cases with an axe and then disappeared with the loot.

The thieves smashed one of the display cases with an axe and then disappeared with the loot. © Videostill Grünes Gewolbe.

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