Painting with asbestos in broadcast between art and kitsch |  show

Painting with asbestos in broadcast between art and kitsch | show

in broadcast Between art and kitsch Exhibited is a painting drawn on an asbestos slab. The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) announced that the man who brought the painting to the TV show did not know it contained asbestos.

Relates to a broadcast on Wednesday, June 15th. After contacting the inspection body, the editors Between art and kitsch Removed the item from the Saturday restart. “The trade and use of objects containing asbestos, including artifacts, is not permitted due to health risks,” ILT says.

The assembly (removal), transportation, display and inspection of the coated asbestos board can lead to the dispersal of asbestos fibers. If loose particles are released, this poses a hazard when inhaled,” the inspection continues.

Between art and kitsch, presented by Frits Sessing, has taken measures to reduce future risks. For example, future visitors are informed of the fact that asbestos-containing objects are not welcome on the registers.

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Watch the show and entertainment videos below:

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