Op1's table guests did not recognize Fleur Jongepier's valiant struggle

Op1’s table guests did not recognize Fleur Jongepier’s valiant struggle

Gordon and Jungeber at the table in Op1.NPO’s photo

While Gordon transcended various instances of basic human rights violations and made it to where he is today, The philosopher and ethicist Fleur Junguibert left the table From a talk show in 1. You just told me how difficult it is to understand a role spectator (bystander, someone who is not directly affected but witnesses an injustice, so.) my productivity.

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Rosemary Boykema Professor of Arts, Culture and Diversity at Utrecht University.

To be clear: Fleur Jungebier, in her position as an employee at the Universities of Nijmegen and Utrecht, has tried to defend victims of sexually transgressive behaviour. In the offender-victim-bystander triangle, you thus occupy the privileged position of the fellow who has difficulty defending institutional injustices inflicted on your closest colleagues or students.

Enterprise failure

This is exactly what she wanted to state, that is, in many organizations it is impossible to effectively raise the issue of going beyond the boundaries. In all cases that have appeared in recent months – from the sound And the DWDD For violations in Dutch universities – this is a constant that calls for analysis and measures: it is almost impossible to explain the failure of the institution within the framework of the institution.

This institutional imbalance means that benevolent bystanders automatically become victims.

With the chaotic situation on the table in 1 Emerging, it became clear once again how much the public debate suffers from a severe lack of understanding of what is going on in the complex dynamics of situations of transgressive behavior.

However, the second constant in all cases is that the lack of an appropriate bystander response is more harmful to the victim than the effects of the trespassing behavior per se. And it was precisely this failure to respond adequately that we saw at a table in 1 reproduced.


For example, a guest might have commented on Gordon’s defense of his hometown of paradise in Dubai that it is indeed possible for the petty privileged among us all over the world to live a decent life while human rights are being violated within a kilometer radius. This is possible in Dubai and this is possible in the Netherlands. But this is no reason to dismiss this concern as waking chatter.

Understandably, Fleur Junguibert could no longer muster that clarity of mind at that moment, realizing that she could only remain true to herself by choosing the position of an outsider: `I am leaving. I do not participate in this.

Radicals at a table in 1 They fail in their role as bystanders and affirm Youngbier’s position as a victim – she is wounded – rather than recognizing her as a courageous fighter against injustice.

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