One of the largest banks in the United States offers a piece of advice: Buy Bitcoin

One of the largest banks in the United States offers a piece of advice: Buy Bitcoin

The largest American bank is Morgan Stanley providing bitcoin services. The market is growing exponentially, the bank notes in a letter to its customers. Those statements Prohibition. Morgan Stanley also informs customers in particular that they manage property.

Vision in Bitcoin

Authors Lisa Charlotte and Denny Calindo look at the Bitcoin market in detail. The market reached a market cap of over $ 1,000 billion for the first time this year. It accounts for about 9.8% of the gold market. This makes BTC too big to ignore, Charlotte and Kalindo say in their letter.

Start at Bitcoin and do not pay a trade fee of up to 1,000 for your first purchase

The bank is not yet fully finished and has not participated in the wild tremendous predictions, but bitcoin is no longer a dirty word here. If there is a demand from the customers, the big banks will also change the change.

The motivation behind this is also explained: big steps must be taken on the buy and sell side to justify a speculative investment opportunity. Reaches the limit of becoming an interesting part for portfolios looking for market cash flow and volume diversification.

More clear (local) rules, emerging liquidation, more and more financial products and growing interest globally provide ample reason to seriously consider the possibilities.

The investment bank comes with three different funds that have exposure to Bitcoin. Two of those funds come from Galaxy Digital and the third from NYDIG.

Currently, the products are primarily for Morgan Stanley’s largest and wealthiest customers. Customers with assets over 2 million in the bank can be involved. Investment companies must keep at least $ 5 million.

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There is a caveat: this is only for those with a strong Mac who can withstand instability.

How do you get started?

The letter also provides advice for beginners. Read on first and see if you can handle the exposure in your portfolio. Charlotte and Kalindo point out the problems that may arise in the future: ” There are many risks at this stage of speculation, some you can predict, others we do not yet know. These risks mean that we recommend taking smaller positions. ” ‘

They compare investing in Bitcoin as a step towards investing in venture capital. The maximum level of a position in Bitcoin is 2.5%, the bank said. That’s a lot more for many bitcoins now.

Yet Bitcoin is still a young market, which creates uncertainty for beginners in any case. The report concludes: ” In our view it stands Currency trading Is still in its infancy. We still need to be really sure, which is why we advise customers to be careful. ” ‘

Bank does not come with a message: Put all your savings and assets in Bitcoin! Yet they open the doors to their biggest customers. If these services are successful and make money, the bank has a good chance to further expand their Bitcoin services.

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