On a lawn mower through the United States

On a lawn mower through the United States

When he heard that his brother was dying, Alvin went to see him. He travels about 500 kilometers on his motorized lawn.

Alvin Straight (Richard Farnsworth) Slightly angry seventies. His brother Lyle experienced this firsthand. The two have not seen or talked to each other since the argument began about ten years ago.

Straight story

Is coming inside Straight story Change in The reason is not necessarily to be happy.

Alvin was informed that his brother was seriously ill. That he did not have long to live.

Over the years, Alvin has changed and become softer. He did not want Lyle to die before they could reach it.

Decides to meet him. But yes: Alvin lives in Lawrence, Iowa and Lyle, in Mount Zion, Wisconsin, about 500 miles away.

Alvin has difficulty walking, has poor eyesight and does not have a driver’s license. Will he ever come to Mount Zion?

He decides to travel in the only vehicle he can drive: a motorized lawn mower.

Richard Farnsworth

He was 79 when lead actor Richard Farnsworth starred Straight story With. Like his character, his health is not good.

In fact, Farnsworth was diagnosed with incurable bone cancer. Despite his daily pain, he was eager to play the role because of his admiration for the real Alvin Straight and his perseverance.

Farnsworth died a year after the first scene of the film at the age of eighteen. He took his own life due to his poor health.

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