Trump is not sitting still, he is still stirring in the background

Trump is not sitting still, he is still stirring in the background

We have not talked for a while about Donald Trump in the Netherlands, but it is better not to forget him completely. Trump is not sitting still, stirring up publicity as if he is not yet Biden, but he won the election. After all, they – the Democrats – “stole” him.

Half of the United States is listening to Trump’s nonsense. What this leads to is clear from the last paragraph of the column written by historian James Kennedy on Saturday. Faith Regarding vaccine denial: “But compulsory vaccination is only effective if you have a shared sense of being a part of the community. That realization has faded in the United States; Is it still in the Netherlands? “

An American scientist, known for his sober judgment, describes his homeland as a broken community – a strike on the wall.

A few days ago, I saw two interviews with Trump. First, Nigel Farage’s interview with GB News, a British news channel launched this year, was compared to the right – wing American Fox News. Farage, a prominent politician who advocates for Brexit, is a big fan of Trump, and the conversation soon unfolded. He treated Trump as a handmaiden who shines his king’s shoes. Trump wanted to be president again, didn’t he? “You’ll be happy soon,” Trump smiled.

A normal person would be embarrassed by that, but Trump sees you swell in a trance of self-satisfaction. Those who talk to him, his life revolves around that. He wants to be pet and pet. He will be more of a dictator than an elected president, but he was born in the wrong country.

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To change that, he wants to change the whole country. Starting with something as outdated as a political election. Get rid of that ballot by mail, Trump says. Yes, so nothing good will come of it, Farage nods.

That GB News seems to me to be the British version of the Onkehurt Netherlands. It’s still very small, but this is not true on Fox News, which is viewed by an average of two million viewers daily and can reach 85 million American households.

Fox News recently interviewed Trump with three editors. It happened with a submission equivalent to Farage’s fornication. Trump was able to say four times that the United States was “destroyed” by the new regime, without any significant contradictions. In his own words: “Now, we have a group, I do not know if it is Biden, it may not be, but we have a group that will destroy our country and maybe knowingly destroy our country.. ”

The ‘stolen elections’, the Capitol storm he unleashed, left no critical question about his environmental policy. Instead, he was allowed to advertise a new picture book that was entirely dedicated to him. He was also proud that his performances in the country had attracted a large number of spectators.

The press is like a tail wagging in the lap of a political scapegoat for a new president.

Is it surprising that James Kennedy is so dark?

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