Omroep Flevoland – News – Chantal has MS and was treated in the Netherlands, Mexico offers hope

Omroep Flevoland – News – Chantal has MS and was treated in the Netherlands, Mexico offers hope

Treatment in Mexico could significantly improve the life of 43-year-old Chantal Kuiper from Bidinghuizen. She has a progressive form of MS and wants to undergo a stem cell transplant. It is not eligible for this in the Netherlands. Treatment costs of 65 thousand euros in Mexico are not reimbursed by health insurance companies. Chantal is now trying to raise this money herself.

Three years ago she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. It took several years before doctors discovered this. An incorrect diagnosis was made each time and Chantal was sent from pillar to post. Until an MRI scan showed that Chantal was suffering from a progressive form of MS. It is in this form that she quickly deteriorates and ends up in a wheelchair. Chantal sleeps in a private bed in the living room next to the sofa.

MS means multiple sclerosis. It is a disease that affects the nervous system. As a result, the muscles are not controlled or not controlled properly. It cannot be treated. But according to Chantal, there are treatments that slow down the disease process or can even cause improvements. Such treatment is offered in Mexico and she really wants to go there. Similar treatments exist in the Netherlands, but on a very limited scale. There's no hope for her here.

Heavy treatment
Chantal will not be cured, but she believes the possibility of stopping her body's deterioration and making progress is very high. Treatment is very difficult. It is accompanied by intense chemotherapy that kills many cells. Chantal will have to remain in isolation for a while. Then the body produces new, good cells. The intention is that it will cause significant improvement.

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“I want to live and see my six-year-old daughter grow up,” says Chantal. “My daughter needs a mother and I want to be there for her.” For Chantal, this is the main reason she wanted to undergo the difficult treatment. “And I just want to grow old,” she adds. According to Chantal, the results of other multiple sclerosis patients who underwent stem cell transplantation are good.

She knows people who are no longer wheelchair bound as a result. There are also MS patients who have been able to exercise again. But the truth is that treatment does not always work. According to her, this opportunity is not as great as the opportunity to take advantage of it anyway.

“Preferably tomorrow”
“Almost every week, people from the Netherlands go to Mexico for treatment.” According to Chantal, these are people who have not been treated in the Netherlands. When asked when she wanted to go to Mexico for such treatment, her answer was “yesterday.” “Ideally, I would like to be on a plane tomorrow to have this treatment done.”

Chantal has started a crowdfunding campaign and is using Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to promote her campaign. In this way, she hopes to raise the necessary amount of 65 thousand euros. This amount is largely necessary for treatment, but travel, accommodation and nursing costs are also paid from it.

What if the procedure fails, what is its probability? “Then I'll end up in a nursing home, and I'm still too young for that.” She also knows that she will never grow old. Chantal still lives at home where she receives necessary care. Her husband is also there for her. Despite this care, they continue to deteriorate rapidly. A stem cell transplant is her only hope.

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