Olcay on the temporary estrangement with Rod: He wrote about the heartbreak

Olcay on the temporary estrangement with Rod: He wrote about the heartbreak

Two years ago, things went wrong between Olcay and Rod. After a four-month relationship, the showbiz couple broke up. A former Olcay, with whom she was still on good terms, passed away. “I had to deal with that. I had no new relationship with him,” she says. Moreover, both Rod and Olcay just got out of a relationship when they chose each other. However, Rudd continued to fight for her during the breakup.

Wrote to her. “No emails, no, real letters. Those from a romantic artist with beautiful handwriting. He wrote to me about his grief.” See what to do, what to get rid of. “He wanted to bother me. Well, I succeeded. At first I thought, ‘Don’t answer, don’t answer. Until I decided to call him anyway to tell him the truth.'”

Since the two were made, they have been inseparable. In May 2020 they decide to live together. Something “very hot”, Olcay says. “Because we used to do things our own way. Now we had to rely on each other because of the lockdown, although we of course worked, and he could go to his studio in the evening.”

In the video below they tell you more about the “relationship test” they call living together.

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