Nvidia begins offering ads streaming services on Shield TV’s home screen – picture and sound – news

Would you voluntarily buy a service where you can watch ads half the time? Because millions of people in the Netherlands do it.

Well, the sun rises for nothing, if it’s too good to be true, it always is. A service offered to the customer for free, you are the product. In the end, terms and conditions All A free service, so that the service remains profitable with ads. By using the Service (or flagging consent or however you do so), you simply agree to the Terms and get advertising. It’s that, or just pay well. People don’t want to pay either, so they get ads. Simply.

On Youtube, the most popular videos are often only 10-minute ads.

The ads in the videos are not from YouTube itself, which also involves costs. It is clear that there are more and more advertisements and they are in fact taking more and more annoying forms.

People buy expensive T-shirts and other clothes to go around like a billboard.

Well, this is a discussion I regularly have with my dad. If you are a fan of a team and want to have the team jersey, you will want to walk like them. Including advertising, yes. You do not have to walk with him, you can also buy other clothes. I really don’t see a problem with this.

Facebook and Google are the two biggest parties on the internet, all they do is…advertise.

It’s their biggest source of income, that’s for sure. But they also do it so that:
– you there Free They can use the services (and then give up something else for it…)
– They don’t go bankrupt as a company
– As a company they can continue to provide and improve their services
– They also have costs to pay (think salaries, but also energy costs, hosting costs, etc.)
– Since they are a company, and they also have a profit motive, the shareholder wants to get his income back in the long run

Influencers where hordes of people chase. The fact that influencers are a thing anyway has already been snatched away. But it says a lot about the current state of our society.

Well, people just want to make money and sometimes get free stuff. Then someone else will have to pay for it, it’s that simple.

Sorry, but as someone who hates this manipulation called advertising, I see people around me all the time walking/riding/cycling like billboards, half of the day watching ads. They voluntarily give up their privacy en masse to watch…more/best commercials.

Well, they want to make free use of the services offered … Do you see the circular logic?

My conclusion is not so strange is it?

You say that people buy products or services for advertising, of course that is not the case. Ads are part of the agreement entered into to keep this “free” service free to the consumer network. No one can exist without the other, it’s that simple. Unfortunately, the world now revolves around money and preferably as much as possible.

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If you do not want to advertise, this is also possible, but then you pay, it’s that simple.

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