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After the remake of Alan Wake, references to Final Fantasy VII Remake were also found in the depths of the Epic Games Store. This may mean that one or more episodes of the game will arrive on Windows.

References can be found via the website of EpicData, a data miner focused on the online game store. The name of the game has been replaced by a code name. In Alan Wake That was HeronStaging, in Final Fantasy VII Remake QA . Pineapple. These codenames don’t reveal anything, but CloudSaveFolder From the game it was still called Final Fantasy VII Remake. Since then, Epic Games or the developers of Alan Wake, Final Fantasy, Remedy and Square Enix, respectively, have changed the lyrics. However, screenshots of the lyrics have already been captured.

There hasn’t been an official announcement for a PC version of Final Fantasy VII Remake yet. Gematsu will sign That trailer for Intergrade, a new episode in the FFVII story, says the episode “will be available on PS5 at least six months earlier than any other format.” This six-month period ends on December 10 this year.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is a remake of the classic jrpg Of the same name, it originally dates back to 1997 and is available for the Sony PlayStation. The Windows version followed a year later.

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