Nuclear energy is completely sustainable so ... please support

Nuclear energy is completely sustainable so … please support

Looking ahead and digging: this is the weekly dose of Europamania – all you need to know about developments in Europe. In this edition: Nuclear Power Is Completely Sustainable, Legal Concerns for Ursula von der Leyen and UK-European vaccine injection.

Golfech nuclear power plant in southern France.
Photo: Reuters

1. Nuclear energy is sustainable, and therefore .. support for the European Union!

Is nuclear energy sustainable and therefore can be recommended as a climate policy from the European Green Deal? This question has been floating around in Brussels for some time. France, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and the Czech Republic think so. The seven countries sent the European Commission there Recently a speech on this topic.

All technologies that could lead to climate neutrality (EU target for 2050) deserve active support, according to Six. Previously, it did not make sense for Brussels to describe nuclear energy as a “sustainable investment”. France Timmermans told FD last fall that Brussels had nothing against nuclear power. But yeah, the costs, and that’s a waste …

Consequently, financing and supporting nuclear power plants is more complicated. This is unfortunate for fans of nuclear power: New power plants cost a lot of money anyway. Its construction is progressing slowly (the Olkiluoto 3 plant in Finland, for example It was supposed to be put into operation in 2009 But…).

However, nuclear energy is important for the seven countries due to the power plants already in operation (such as France and Hungary), or their master plans (such as Poland and the Czech Republic). So they hope Brussels will be more lenient (it was already revealed last week that gas could get into Brussels books better).

And nuclear energy? Reuters reported last weekend that the European Union’s Joint Research Center (JRC) had already provided some advice More positive.

2 – A lawsuit looms against Ursula von der Leyen …

Take action against Hungary and Poland before June 1 for violating the rule of law, otherwise we will go to the European Union Court of Justice in Luxembourg. Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, received this ultimatum from the European Parliament last week. Connection It was signed by the leaders of Christian democratic, social democratic, liberal Greens and left-wing political groups in Parliament.

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It was known for some time that the discomfort in Parliament was due to the committee’s slow reaction to the trial of Polish judges, among other things, about the Beliardstraat in Brussels. Within the committee it is also said that President von der Leyen will prevent a strong signal from being sent to Warsaw and Budapest.

He took home last week A suggestion from CDA member Anne Kuik and D66 member Jan Paternotte Which the government calls on the commission to take action on it. This was supported by a large majority of the members of the House of Representatives; PVV, FvD, and SGP voted against.

The aim of both the Hague proposal and the European Parliament appeal is for von der Leyen to work on a so-called rule of law mechanism. This allows the Commission to reject EU subsidies to member states that undermine democracy. These rules are already in effect, but Poland and Hungary have asked the European Union court to set them aside.

UNHCR Vice Chair Vera Gorova recently suggested that a speedy decision be taken, so Brussels can act quickly. But according to many, Von der Leyen is an obstacle. Academics and judicial organizations called the head of the commission Sunday again To take action.

… and Marshal Tueto does that too in the videos

Meanwhile, the party of Fides, with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his Polish ally, the ruling party, the Law and Justice Party, Campaign started Against D66 MEP Sophie in ‘t Veld. Both parties believe In ‘t Veld is involved in a witch hunt.

The European Parliament also fought a battle last Friday with an ally of Orban, Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa (also known as Marshal Tueto, due to his activities on social media). A session was scheduled to discuss media freedom in Slovenia. Jansa’s approach in the media has attracted a lot of criticism recently (read the story of FDMattijs Schiffers).

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But then Jansa He wanted to show three videosThe session ended in disarray. Head In ‘t Veld I didn’t feel like the movies, She and the politicians present wanted to discuss. Then Jansa left the online hearing. The leader of the liberal group, Roman Dacian Cellus, told the Slovenes that Parliament is not a place for obscure propaganda films.

Jansa who was a few years ago Journalists ‘whores’ call, He does not accept sermons The marshal tweets said of “overpaid bureaucrats”. And Jansa is starting to sweat from the way Slovenia has fought for democracy for more than thirty years. Our dictator was worse Of you, Ciolos replied.

The desired vaccine.
The desired vaccine.
Photo: Reuters

3. British European Vaccines, Part 37

The Daily Telegraph reported that without British research funding, the AstraZeneca vaccine would not have materialized Last weekend London seriously wants to rubbish that Brussels is under the spotlight in the struggle over vaccines. A pointless story, of course – had it not been for European support, the Pfizer vaccine would not have been produced, and we can continue.

The fact remains that the United Kingdom No vaccines in the European Union Export. But that can change! Sunday times Sunday (as the newspaper’s name suggests) reported that the UK is ready to share the remaining vaccines with Ireland. Not only is this an act of charity, but there will also be London European unity The newspaper quoted a British minister.

Incidentally, the European Union is also doing well with the neighbors (albeit on the other side), It was evident from a tweet from Commission President von der Leyen. She indicated that the Union came to help countries outside the borders of the European Union.

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Undermine Croatia, a member of the European Union, participates in it An illegal project Bosnian media reported that the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is using it to supply a Russian refinery in Sarajevo without the required approval from the federal government.

on repeat The German Constitutional Court has suspended Germany’s ratification of the European Union’s next-generation Corona reform fund. Read This analysis in a This subject. The criticism comes from him Usually conservative Handelsblatt.

Fake news Do you criticize the Russian Sputnik vaccine? This gives you a flood of negative messages in Ukraine and the Baltic states. Highlights of this report.

Looking for a job The Good Law Project, a British nongovernmental organization, will be tried for appointments to new government agencies. Consequently, London ignored the appropriate procedure for this type of office. This betrays favoritism, He finds the organization.

FD Europamania was written by Han Dirk Haeking. Also follow residents of FD Brussels Rhea Cats in a Matigs Shavers. Do you have any comments or news? Let us know via [email protected]. Until next week!

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