Not only Europe but also South America is preparing for the World Cup qualifiers

Not only Europe but also South America is preparing for the World Cup qualifiers

In Europe we know many teams with 55 countries competing for thirteen places in the World Cup to be held in Qatar. They work differently in South America. Here ten countries compete against each other in a group. Each country plays against each other twice. The countries that finish in the top four will directly qualify for the main competition. The fifth-placed country will play an intercontinental play-off against the country of one of the other continents.

Brazil currently tops the group with 31 points. Argentina is second with 25 points, Ecuador is second with 17 points and Colombia is second with 16 points. The battle for fourth place was no less exciting. Currently, Uruguay striker Luis Suarez’s country are in fifth place, but are level on points with Colombia. So the upcoming qualifiers may offer a musical chair.

Ecuador face the group’s weakest brother tonight: Venezuela. The latter finished last and managed to collect only seven points. Venezuela have won one of their last five matches. Let this country be the enemy tonight. Venezuela beat Ecuador 2-1 in October. With the goals of Darwin Machis and Edward Bellow they had three points that were much needed for their home country. Since there is little difference in points between third and fifth place, Ecuador will be keen to beat Venezuela this time around.

Football fan has a great match on the night show from Friday to Saturday: President Brazil faces fourth Colombia. Divine Canaries Drawn once in the last five games, Colombia drew four and won once. This is a competition KAnaris Won against Colombia. To retain fourth place, the team led by national coach Ronaldo Ruda will expect an outcome equal to the previous draw.

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If you don’t watch enough football after Saturday evening’s Orange game, you can watch the match between Uruguay and Argentina at midnight. Morphine’s friends Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi were completely opposed to each other. The Uruguayans will be looking for victory to finish fourth from Colombia and will try to avoid inter-continental play-offs. Captain Lionel Messi’s team won the previous match 3-0. He opened the scoring and took his side, and teammates Rodrigo de Paul and Lottaro Martinez scored the second and third goals for Argentina.

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