'NOS, where's that party?'  We are in the quarter-finals |  Media podcast

‘NOS, where’s that party?’ We are in the quarter-finals | Media podcast

AD Media podcastThe static media board kind of sours the acidity of the NOS. It sounds like a contradiction in terms, but according to Angela de Jong, it’s just right: “NOS, where is this party?! Hey, we’re in the quarter-finals!” football.

In addition, there is a sort of classification of saints, in which no fewer than five Sinterklaas TVs are discussed. Marco “Manager” Louwerens is involved orange winter In terms of humor and fun head and shoulders, Gin is at the top. But Jan Slagter and Kees van der Spek can count on less enthusiasm.

Frans Klein lives up to his nickname Kim Jong-un. Sports journalist Job Schroeder is also under scrutiny by the committee, and opinions are divided on him. There is a point of criticism for this secret binaries And fame again to here. Journalist Dennis Jansen even reveals his love for Lenny Kohr.

And Sinterklaas has kicked up his heels, so the Christmas commercials are showing. For Angela de Young’s Candy of the Year. Which are delicious and which are flat? We can even reveal that the TV columnist didn’t keep it dry with all the commercials.

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Marco van Basten at Slam Orange in NOS. © NOS

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