North Holland Province is sponsoring Sail Den Helder 2023

North Holland Province is sponsoring Sail Den Helder 2023

(January 11, 2023)

The province of North Holland is committed to Sail Den Helder and Pre-Sail Texel 2023. Also this edition, the province sponsors this wonderful seascape, which will attract hundreds of thousands of visitors at the end of June.

By Sail Den Helder, on June 28 and 29, 2023, Pre-Sail Texel. Then the sailing ships dock on Rede van Texel and in the port of Oudeschild. They will cross Marsdiep on Thursday 29 June to be present at the grand opening in Den Helder. Until July 2nd, magnificent tall ships will be moored at the docks and there will be many festivities in and around Willemsord, including the Nautical Days organized by the Royal Netherlands Navy. In addition, Den Helder is the starting port for the Tall Ship Races 2023, which will take sailing ships further across the North Sea and across northwest Europe.

Ilse Zaal, Deputy for Economics and Welfare: “Both events attract many people to Den Helder and Texel who want to learn about maritime heritage and contemporary maritime developments. This is good for the economy of Koop van Noord Holland and also a great opportunity to show what the region has to offer.” .

sustainable event

By sponsoring this event, the province of North Holland is stimulating the sustainability ambitions of Sail Den Helder and Pre-Sail Texel. Jeroen Franken, Director of Sail Den Helder: “To make our event as sustainable as possible, we are also using sponsor funds from the county to develop a sustainable transportation plan, use green aggregates and use the so-called GEM training programme. This stage is completely self-sufficient, because the electricity is generated from wind and solar energy Besides, this stage looks beautiful.”

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Youth in the center

Sail Den Helder wants to inspire 200 apprentices to sail to the next port, namely Hartlepool in the UK. Sail Den Helder also employs many young people in the preparation and implementation of the event in order to show the possibilities in Den Helder and the region and connect them in this way. Ilse Zaal: “We are also urgently looking for staff in North North Holland, since there is a shortage in many sectors. Sail shows what is possible and helps young people to gain the right work experience. It’s good that young people are involved in all aspects of organizing this event.”


During Sail Den Helder and Pre-Sail Texel, the county is also asking for more attention to sustainability and participation through sponsorship. Plus, the county invites ties to meetings and there are special promotions. In 2023, the province will continue to sponsor various public sporting, recreational and cultural events, which are spread across the northern Netherlands.

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