American flight malfunction caused by human error

American flight malfunction caused by human error

Photo: ANP

The outage in the US aviation system on Wednesday was due to human error. According to the FAA, employees changed important data file in places where it was never allowed by the rules. An anonymous source told Bloomberg News that it appears two third-party employees made the mistake.

According to the source, the FAA is now investigating whether the illegal changes were made on purpose or by mistake. After the data file fails, the backup system is activated, but this also encounters errors in the original data record. The FAA is said to be improving the system now to prevent such errors in the future.

The malfunction occurred in a system called Notice to Air Missions, NOTAM for short. In it, pilots can read that there is a hurricane, for example, and that the runways are closed. As a result, it was necessary to stop all domestic flights for about an hour and a half. That led to thousands of delays and cancellations on Wednesday. The problems were completely resolved on Thursday.

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