Norhanen to America, performance in New York

Norhanen to America, performance in New York

Den Helder – Blaskabel de Noorhanen from Den Helder will travel to the USA next year (mid-April 2025) by invitation to participate in the Dutch Week. One of the shows is in New York and in between they also visit Jazz City bar excellence New Orleans.

Bandmaster Keys John Dwin and his band of musicians are looking forward to next year's Candy Tour. “When we were asked if we wanted to act, every Norhan was immediately excited, and we didn't have to think about it for long.”

The trip was originally supposed to take place this year, but has been postponed by a year. “An original Dutch grower is working on a large garden between New Jersey and Philadelphia. He also built a Dutch windmill and he wanted a Dutch brass band at the opening. However, construction is taking a little longer than planned, which is why the opening has been moved to April 2025,” Duin explains.

The American farmer is friends with Kapitain, a bulb grower from Preisand, and knows Norhanen well, which is how the connection was made. “He was impressed by us, so the call came in. The whole team was leaving, because either Narhanen would come in full or we wouldn't,” Duin says.

The church will perform for two days at Pickering Gardens during the opening ceremony, but will also travel to the Big Apple. “To promote the Buying Garden, we have to play at least one day in New York. We don't know exactly yet, but we hope it will be in Central Park. Of course it's pretty cool: Grunts in Central Park.”

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So the Norhannons have good things to look forward to, but the coming days will be dominated by another big spectacle first: the Festival of the Grabbers.

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