Nomadland draws a somewhat romantic portrait of America without a social security web ★★★★

Nomadland draws a somewhat romantic portrait of America without a social security web ★★★★

Fern’s alumnus wants to know if she’s homeless when he accidentally meets her. “No,” she says firmly. ‘Homeless. But that is a different matter. ‘

Fern’s husband has died, the mine where he worked has been closed, and the city where he lived has been closed. She has lived in the dilapidated white van ever since. Proud and determined, she builds boards and doors with her own hands. Fern is not the type to give up.

In Nomlandland, Won the Oscar for Best Picture, Best Motion Picture and Best Female Leaders last weekend. They are spit on by the capitalist system and are at the mercy of seasonal labor: sometimes packing in the Amazon for a few weeks and then cleaning up in a camp. They create an invisible parallel shadow community that facilitates the ‘normal world’.

Tokutrama Nomlandland Based on a non-fiction book Nomlandland: The United States of America Survived in the Twenty-First Century. Many ‘nomads’ from the book play themselves, Fern is a discovered character. Her role is often that of an announcer: by listening to real-life stories, she gives them a voice.

Frances McDormand, whose appearance is not beautifully decorated, can do this wonderfully. She’s playing, she’s not – she has the natural warmth she uses here to keep all those amateur actors relaxed. With a sense of humor here and there, sticking out a tongue, but above all by listening to them carefully and with real interest, they make themselves shine like that.

Just as McDormand is like a fish in the water and an alien at the same time in this environment, so is Chinese director Solo Zhao. She sees an ancient America from the inside out. It is about the movement and the human desires that oppose the roots, bias and freedom. Beautifully filmed against the backdrop of vast, hospitable landscapes, with endless snow-covered plains, rugged mountains and a rocky desert.

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Fern’s sister mentions that the nomads are truly the forerunners of today – one of the moments that put Zao Fern’s life into an American historical tradition. There is a plot Nomlandland Rare: This is mainly Fern’s quest to make life worthwhile, set against the natural cycle associated with seasonal labor. Being together with nature, being a part of a community, that is what is important.

Goes here Nomlandland Make the rope. Everyone really wants to help each other. People sing around a campfire. May I have your can opener? You will get my homemade bottlenecks. In that beautiful world, filmed mainly in grazing light, with the soundtrack of piano music. Nomlandland The disappearance of all means of existence leads to a purer life, which reveals the best in people. It feels like false love – would these people have idealized their life if they had more choice?

But still: Zhao never portrays them as victims, but gives them their pride and dignity. That’s exactly it Nomlandland Very powerful.




Reggie Chloe Zhao

Med Frances McDormand, Linda May, Charlene Swanky, David Stratern.

110 min., View via Disney +.

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