No Man’s Sky Buddy update lets players tame pets – games – news

Hello Games releases a Companions update for No Man’s Sky. This free update allows players to tame, train, and keep animals in-game. The update will be available for all platforms on which the game is available.

With the Companions update, players can bring up to six pets. The developer writes Hello Games. Players can tame native animals on planets by feeding them, playing with them, and paying attention to them. These companions can also wear accessories.

Users can explore planets with their pets, help them search for resources, spot danger, and hunt down enemy creatures, among other things. The update allows users to continue riding and milking the animals after they have been fed. Animals also have a “neural link” with the player’s outfit, which allows players to see their pets’ moods, among other things.

If players take good care of the animals, they can also lay eggs. The player can collect it and hatch it in his own outerwear. According to the developer, the egg animals will resemble their parents, but “they will not look exactly the same.” Players can also set the egg’s genetic code in a file Egg organizer, Which is placed in Space Anomaly. This should guarantee more rare and unique animal species.

The update also adds several other improvements. For example, the PS4 version’s load times should be reduced. Several bugs have also been fixed and there are some improvements to the user interface outlet; Players can now define dialogue options more easily using console or keyboard and mouse.

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