LG Display will increase production of 48 “OLED Panel” – picture and sound – news

LG Display will significantly increase the production of 48 ” OLED panels. At least what was reported by the Korean news site Chosun. LG Display will achieve this by operating a new product line entirely dedicated to these 48-inch panels.

According to Chosun sources Next month, LG Display will begin production of a new 48-inch OLED panel at its South Korean plant in Paju. This is expected to contribute to the production of more than 1 million 48-inch OLED panels this year. That number was 220,000 plates last year.

So far, the relatively small OLED panels have come from the Chinese factory in Guangzhou. There, two 48 ”and two 77” panels are cut from a single base glaze. In the new production line, only 48-inch panels must be extracted from glass substrates. In this 8.5G fab in Pago, eight 48-inch panels will likely be extracted from the 2,200 x 2,500mm bottom glass panels.

48-inch OLED panels are relatively new, with LG, Sony and Philips, among others, launching a 48-inch OLED TV for the first time last year. In part because of the relatively limited numbers and popularity, these 48-inch OLED TVs were often more expensive than the better available 55-inch OLED TVs. This may change if LG Display actually increases production numbers significantly.

By the way, 48 “is no longer the smallest figure, there is also coming this year 42 inch oledpanelen Available, although 42-inch OLED TVs have not been announced.

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