News from the committees Tuesday, November 2, 2021

News from the committees Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Senate committees met on Tuesday, November 2, 2021 to discuss progress in addressing bills and other matters. The main decisions are listed below. The full list of decisions can be found in the so-called short notes of the relevant committees.

written input

The municipality’s mission to provide prenatal home visits

Report inputs are provided by the groups VVD (De Bruijn-Wezeman) and PVV (Van Kesteren).

A message from the Minister of Social Affairs and Employment on the evaluation of the Unified Account Methodology (URM)

Written counseling inputs are currently provided by members of the CDA (Oomen-Ruijten) and PvdD (Prast) faction.

Air Quality National Cooperation Program Monitoring Report 2020

Report of further written consultation with the Secretary of State for Infrastructure and Water Management on the eleventh NSL Monitoring Report

Input to further written consultations with the Secretary of State for Infrastructure and Water Management is provided by the groups GroenLinks (Kluit) and PvdD (Koffeman).

Commitment to the government’s response to a sense of social responsibility and how to deal with discriminatory expressions in a broad (multi-educational) context

Written advice input on the letter from the Minister of Education, Culture and Science dated October 12, 2021 (34412, j) is provided by the PVV faction (Van Kesteren). The obligation is considered fulfilled.

National Growth Fund: Converting a Conditional Grant into a Final Grant for the National Education Laboratory Project

The letter of the Ministers of Economic Affairs, Climate and Finance dated October 27, 2021

Written counseling input for the October 27, 2021 letter (35925 XIX, A) is provided by a Prast Member (PvdD).

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Proposal Resolution for the European Year of Youth 2022

Input for the written consultation with the European Commission is provided by the PVV party (Van Kesteren).

Draft decree on rules for compensation for damages to operators of coal-fired power plants in connection with the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions

Letter from the Minister of State for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy dated September 2, 2021 (35668, J)

Written counseling input is provided by the PvdD faction (Prast).

Invest-NL 2020 Annual Report and Progress Report

Report written advice

Written counseling input is provided by the PvdD (Prast) faction.


Administrative Coordination of Vocational Education Law

The Education, Culture and Science Committee will issue a final report and propose a vote on the bill on November 9, 2021.


Approval Act Third Extension of Validity Twm covid-19

The Justice, Security, Public Health, Welfare, Sports and Home Affairs/Public Affairs Committees expect to be able to discuss the bill’s procedure on November 9, 2021, now that legislative consultations on the proposal have taken place in the House of Representatives. Parliament on November 8, 2021.

The committees also decided to send a letter to the House of Representatives about the duration of dealing with the draft law there. The committees want to hold a public discussion of the bill, currently scheduled for November 23, 2021, with the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sports and the Minister of Justice and Security.

127NS OMT advice the state of affairs measures COVID-19

Letter from the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sports presenting OMT Recommendation No. 127 and the government’s response;

Report on a written consultation with the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sports on the status of COVID-19 measures

Written advice input is provided by the political groups of VVD (De Bruijn-Wezeman), CDA (Prins), D66 (Van der Voort), Faction-Nanninga (Nanninga), PVV (Van Hattem), ChristenUnie (Verkerk), and PvdD ( Nikolai). The 50PLUS faction (Baay-Timmerman) agrees to a number of questions from the PvdD faction. The Minister of Health, Welfare and Sports will be asked to answer questions no later than Friday, November 19, 2021.

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Entry into force of the expert meeting(s) of the Environmental Law and Planning

Infrastructure, Water and Environmental Management Committees; economic affairs and climate; Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality decided to hold two expert meetings (meetings) on the situation regarding the implementation of the Environmental Law and the Digital System Environment Law. The committees will decide the planning and the manner in which the meetings will take place (digitally or physically) on 9 November, when further measures related to the fight against the Covid-19 virus are known.

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