Netflix shares ‘viewing numbers’ for the first time: Undercover is at position 1,876

Netflix shares ‘viewing numbers’ for the first time: Undercover is at position 1,876

Going forward, Netflix will share “hours watched” for all titles offered by the service approximately every six months. the BBC He writes that the streaming service shares data for 99 percent of all series and movies on the platform.

Global data is only shared, and cannot be accessed from every country.

Number one night client

For history Which showed up last night It covers the first six months of 2023. Between January and June, the most watched title was political thriller The Night Agent, which was watched 812 million hours.

In second place was the second season of the series Ginny & Georgia, with 665 million hours of viewing. The first part of the series has been watched more than 300 million hours.

The first season of the hit Dutch-language series Undercover, with Frank Lammers, achieved more than 11 million viewing hours in its first six months.

Hollywood strikes

Netflix’s decision to share these numbers going forward is tied to the two big blows that Hollywood has experienced over the past six months.

Screenwriters and actors in America have long been out of work, in part because they want better compensation for work shown on streaming services. In that discussion, Netflix was accused of not being honest about its viewing numbers.

Data is still limited

Published Watch Hours do not contain information about how many people have watched a series or movie. It was also not reported whether viewers finished the entire series.

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