Natural News: Large families of Canadian ducks

Natural News: Large families of Canadian ducks

Across Canada Native to North America and Canada. Birds that escaped from the first bird collection we saw here in the 1970s. They went into natural reserves. But over the years they have been able to reach cities as well.

Canada ducks are doing very well, and a lot of young are growing up. As a family, they often cause traffic congestion in cities. Do they always love?


A plant that blooms in summer with beautiful sky-blue flowers Chicory. The plant makes long stakes, more than one and a half meters high. The flowers are only open during the day and are fresh every day. Chicory is popularly referred to as the ‘Road Keeper’ because the species is found mainly on the sides of roads. But this is common elsewhere. Chicory is related to chicory and endive. They bloom well in autumn and are very popular with others gold fish, Which comes before the seeds in winter.

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Text and photos: Mike Hirschler, IVN

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