The performance of the Rolling Stones with the second race in the United States?

The performance of the Rolling Stones with the second race in the United States?

The Rolling Stones will play in the U.S. circuit on November 20, according to Joe Schwartz, which could be a signal that the American Grand Prix will take place twice this year, he said in his statement. Blog.

Rolling Stones en F1

The 2021 Formula 1 calendar is often adjusted and not all changes can be imagined. The system wanted to return to a normal season this year, but it certainly wasn’t possible yet. For example, this season started in Bahrain, and two races were organized in Austria.

Later in the season, there is still a lot to do. The Australian Grand Prix was recently halted, and races in Japan and Brazil are also highly uncertain. According to Joe Schwartz, two races are likely to take place in Texas in 2021, and the concert hosted by the Rolling Stones will mark it.

Sprint Race in the United States

Australian G.P. Originally scheduled for the weekend, the Stones will play on the American circuit on November 20th. F1 is still looking for an alternative. Sauvert speculates that the Brazilian GP will move to the US GP site on October 24. Brazilian G.P. Then creating a double title with Mexico.

US GPS Then transferred to November 14th and November 21st. Saward thinks the second racing weekend could take place over the weekend when the Stones perform. This would be a great opportunity to test the Sprint Race design for the third time, and both races in the United States are likely to attract more attention in the country of game owners.

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