David Haverdings mag debuteren op WK veldrijden in Amerika (Rechten: BELGA/ David Stockman)

Multiple winner David Howardings makes his debut at the Cyclocross World Championships in the United States

“I’m the best junior in the world right now. So it makes sense that I can start there,” Howardings responds. He has been amassing successive wins this season. The counter now stands at fourteen wins.

“I knew for a while that I would be allowed to join. I especially look forward to it because I’ve never been to the United States,” says 17-year-old Trent.

Dutch team

Due to high costs, a total of nineteen Dutch riders are divided into six categories. “We choose to send only riders who can participate in the top five, which is why we have a full selection among elite women,” explains national coach De Nect.

The main participant in the elite men was world champion Matthew van der Boyle. He still has back pain.


The course at Fayetteville has been a part of the World Cup rounds in recent years. “It’s an easy round, not very technical, but the strong will always win,” Howderdings analyzes. He himself is a fan of technical labs. “But I have shown that I can succeed in different courses.”

World Cup Mountain Biking

Incidentally, this is not his first world championship for the Havardings. He made his debut at the World Junior Mountain Bike Championships in Italy last August.

David and his brother Floris are currently in training camp in Malaga, Spain. “We’ve been here for two days. Conditions are right. Next Friday we will fly to Paris and from there to the World Cup in France,” concludes Howardings.

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