MSX Pioneer and Founder of PC-Active Wammes Witkop Dies – Computer – .Geeks

Beautiful story †

I sat with some friends under a ladder in the school where the computer was only placed at that time. Try anything and everything. A little later came a classroom with computers … tulips with amber screens.

I personally owned an Atari 600XL, which I won at the Verato. The most beautiful award I’ve ever had and dedicated to very, very long hours. You can of course write your own programs on it…Learn and learn and learn from a book with all the available instructions and copy others, until you’ve finished programming something beautiful.
Of course Atari had the best games :Dr

I also have fond memories of MSX, but for a completely different reason.

After the millennium with the internet everywhere and all the knowledge of the world in your pocket, and available anytime and anywhere I see it as a huge advantage.

It’s easy for many things to get easier these days, but every feature has its drawbacks.
If you don’t have to make an effort for something, the sense of appreciation and accomplishment is quickly lost. You also don’t understand very well what you’re doing and as a result, for example, you can’t solve problems or less. But this must be the natural evolution of man †

Partly because of those pioneers who came to appreciate computers by making them (more) understandable and accessible. However, Wammes was more than that. It was not just a negative channel. His ideas and commitment were progressive and consumer oriented.

… and 70 years is too young †

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