MP: I had to leave as a minister because of my 'Islamist'

MP: I had to leave as a minister because of my ‘Islamist’

British Conservative MP Nusrat Ghani has said she has been sacked as a minister because of her faith. Ghani took over as Transport Minister in Prime Minister Johnson’s government in 2018 and was replaced in a cabinet reshuffle in 2020. Against Al-Jawdah Newspaper Sunday times She says she was told it was because of her ‘Islam’ – Islam As mentioned in that conversation – it was a problem.

“It felt like a punch in the stomach,” said Ghani, who at the time was the first Muslim woman to hold a ministerial position in the British government. “I felt humiliated and weak. I was told at a meeting in Downing Street that my ‘Islam’ was described as a problem and that my status as a ‘Muslim minister’ made my colleagues uncomfortable.”

There were also concerns that Ghani was not loyal, as she would not speak up enough against accusations of Islamophobia against conservatives. The deputy said it was clear to her that her party demanded more effort and loyalty than other party members because of her faith.


Education Minister Nadim Al-Zahawi responded with shock to the article that was published in the newspaper. He wants to open an investigation into Ghani’s allegations. “There is no place for Islamophobia or racism of any kind in our conservative party. Nous Ghani is a friend, colleague and brilliant parliamentarian.”

Prime Minister Johnson and Deputy Prime Minister Raab said such an investigation could take place if Ghani files a complaint. According to Johnson, he has invited her to do this before, but she hasn’t. “The Conservative Party will not tolerate bias or discrimination of any kind,” a spokesman for Johnson said. BBC.

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Speaking to the newspaper, Ghani did not accuse anyone by name and only said that someone within the government made the remarks. After the interview was published, fellow party member Mark Spencer declared that Ghani had referred to him, although he called the accusation false and slanderous.

Spencer is the so-called Chief whip From the Conservative Party, literally “head whip”, i.e. members of the House of Representatives to stay in line. This can be done by making an emphatic appeal to them when it comes to politics, but there are also stories about that whips this “Silence book” Keep track of what parliamentarians have in their quotas. If necessary, they confront them with alcohol abuse or their affairs to get on board to vote. Recommendations for nice or lower quality jobs or offices are also part of the tools whip.

painful moment

cwhip up Spencer says to step forward to stop the other whips criticism. He asserts that he called Ghani to file a complaint against him at that time, but she did not. She herself says that she was told that she would be ostracized and that her career would be destroyed if she did not give up the cause.

News of Ghani’s resignation comes at a painful time for Afghanistan whips Johnson management. Last week it emerged that there were complaints within the Conservative Party about whips who threatened to cut off financial resources for the rebellious conservative masses. Parliamentarian William Wragh, who is also a conservative, wants to pass this on to the police.

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Moreover, Johnson is already there anyway hard under fire After all that was revealed about the closing parties at his official residence. Anger is also growing within his party. British media have been speculating for days about a possible confidence vote that could alienate Johnson. The results of the investigation with the two parties are expected next week.

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