Movement in pneumonia research on goat farms

Movement in pneumonia research on goat farms

Research into the possible link between pneumonia and living near goat farms has seen significant delays in recent years. And in the fall of 2024, the necessary clarity should now be obtained for both local residents and goat farmers.

The Livestock and Health III (VGOIII) program has been running since 2018. It is a follow-up to previous research that showed people living near goat farms are more likely to suffer from pneumonia.

The VGOIII study should now answer the question of why. Why do the locals suffer more from pneumonia and is it because of the proximity of the goat farm or is there some other reason?

It was already known last year that there were too few patients for one of the components of this study. 800 patients had to participate and there were only 50 patients at the time, and it was expected that the number would eventually reach 150.

Gain additional knowledge

Now researchers have found a way to gain additional knowledge about the possible causes of pneumonia. They assume that they will be able to complete all the different substudies in the fall of 2024 and present the results at the end of 2024.

The lack of scientific insights leaves all concerned with unanswered questions. Therefore, the LTO considers it important that the local population as well as goat breeders and their families obtain clarification as to whether or not there is a clear link between goat farms and pneumonia.

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