Mother’s help, my husband is a master!  Desperate: “Live Like Tramps”

Mother’s help, my husband is a master! Desperate: “Live Like Tramps”

Mark lives “like an owl in his house,” Jon opened up on the season’s finale Monday night. Mark lives in a big mess, no room is finished. The 26-year-old is so ashamed of his situation that he no longer wants to let his twin brother Rick and his mom in because the house hasn’t been cleaned. “This was actually the last straw for us,” explains Mother Else. In addition, Mark is not doing well either. According to his mother, “he got through it a little bit.”

“I worry a lot. It’s not going well. He’s really depressed. He goes for a walk in the evening to clear his head, because there isn’t one place in his house that he can relax,” she says. “This goes to my heart.”

According to Els, her son ate a lot of hay. In addition, he is not accepting of help and has no DIY experience whatsoever. When John comes to look with his own eyes, the presenter does not know what he is seeing. “I’m in shock. (…) This is annoying and unhealthy. You shouldn’t be doing this to yourself.”

“I’m on the road all day, in the morning I get up at 5:00 in the morning and go to work. I get home around 7:00 in the evening. So I come in here, have dinner, take a shower, and go to sleep,” Mark defends his lifestyle. “On the weekends I try to plan some fun things. And if I don’t have a planner, I try to find motivation to do something around the house. But it just doesn’t work out well, I have to say.”

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Fortunately, Mark accepts the help of John and his team. Priority is given to the living room – in fact the whole house has to be taken care of, but then they are still occupied for weeks. Because a lot needs to be done in a short time, older brother Stefan also comes to the rescue. And the result may be there. After a week of hard work, Mark no longer recognizes his old living room. “Holy shit” is all he can say. “This is really cool. This is so cool.”

Mother Else is also speechless. She cries, hugging her son: “How beautiful.” “It’s not normal, how cool. Really cool.”

Help my husband is a master! Look back at Videoland.

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