Monique on Andre’s comeback: ‘F*cking proud of this guy’

Monique on Andre’s comeback: ‘F*cking proud of this guy’

Andre’s last performance in front of a large audience was in September 2021. The Ziggo Dome posted part of the performance online. According to what was reported in the hall, the singer was “greeted with loud applause”. It’s a special moment for Andre. Not only does he come back, but he says he’s also sober while performing.

Then Andrei stopped performing due to exhaustion. In the fall of 2022, he admitted in an Instagram message that he was “in the darkest period of my life.” I have now overcome many addictions, but I will never lose the addiction to be able to sing for my audience.

Monique says on Instagram that she is very proud of the father of her son. “After a year and a half of no stage, no audience, no pressure, no booze, there will be, in less than half an hour, the moment he’s lived mentally and worked so hard over the past few months,” he writes. Monique can notice a distinct difference in André: `While before he had been unbearable for days and looked on like a madman, this has now given way to calm, playfulness, and enthusiasm. I am proud of this man. Andrei replies under the post: “I love you, my love.”

It was not only a special evening for Andrei, but also for all the artists who will be performing this evening.

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