Mother FlixBus buys American bus company Greyhound

Mother FlixBus buys American bus company Greyhound

Photo: ANP

FlixMobility, the parent company of German bus operator FlixBus, buys American Greyhound lines known for their signature gray and blue buses. With the acquisition, FlixMobility aims to expand low-cost bus services in the United States. Greyhound is the largest bus operator in the United States, with FlixBus also operating since 2018.

FlixMobility deposited $172 million for Greyhound, and transferred approximately 148 million euros. Greyhound was owned by the British company Firstgroup and visited 2,400 locations in North America. About 16 million passengers use Greyhound buses each year.

Greyhound has been around since 1914 and was established in Minnesota. Many people know the hound-emblem long buses from American movies and series. Buses are mainly used for long distances between cities. The Saluki is the fastest breed of dog in the world.

In 2019, FlixMobility has already integrated its rival Eurolines. The company then bought the company from the French public transport company Transdev. FlixBus started in Germany in 2013 and now operates in dozens of countries.

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