Morning News |  Rishi Sunak was officially sworn in as the UK Prime Minister today

Morning News | Rishi Sunak was officially sworn in as the UK Prime Minister today

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Russia’s last independent TV channel has been broadcasting in all sorts of European cities for months, but now there’s a serious relaunch from Amsterdam. They say the editors have reunited at the DPG Media building in Amsterdam to serve a few million Russian viewers a day. It was celebrated live on YouTube last night. The Kremlin alone cannot stop it. Europe reporter Geert Jan Hahn attended the Dutch launch in Amsterdam and spoke with host Mikhail Fishmann and concerned media entrepreneur Derk Sauer.

Rishi Sunak will be officially sworn in as the Prime Minister of England today. King Charles will ask him this morning to form a new government to take on that responsibility. Yesterday, former finance minister Sunak became the only candidate with enough support to win for Liz Truss. Former reporter VK Pieter de Waard Sunak lists the tough files to choose from.

Two Chinese spies have been charged in the US with trying to undermine a judicial investigation into tech giant Huawei. Four others have been charged with espionage. Many Chinese are suspected of engaging in intimidation and threats. US Attorney General Merrick Garland announced. American reporter John Postma explains.

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