More concerns about children's gaming behavior, experts warn of very strict rules

More concerns about children’s gaming behavior, experts warn of very strict rules

How many healthy hours does my child spend in front of the screen? This is the most common question asked by parents in addiction institutions during Corona time: “This is something we saw several years ago, but since children are more at home during Corona, this seems to be increasing more,” says Laura DeFuentes, a researcher at the Addiction Foundation Novadic- Kentron. Addiction organizations Tactus and parent organization Bureau Jeugd en Media see the same trend.

to me steam, The computer gaming platform, games increased 50 percent in 2020 compared to the previous year. In order to easily advise parents and young people about worrying signs, the Trimbos Institute Research Agency has put up a chat function on the website. The Addiction Foundation Tactus opened a counseling line at the start of the Corona pandemic and held a digital parenting meeting in November, with screen time and gaming behavior being a hot topic among the more than 4,000 participating parents.

“The parents are anxious, and this becomes clear,” says initiator Gijs van Houwelinge van Tactus. “But it’s hard to really tell how anxious it is. It’s a strange time and a strange year. You have to do something, so you start playing, and it’s something a lot of guys enjoy. The risks depend on whether or not they will continue after this aura time.”

Everything is now done online

I come from your katvik, mother of four children. She also sometimes gets her hands on her hair when it comes to screen time for her 15-18 year olds who live at home. “I totally get it with the restrictions due to Corona, but guys, can we speak normally please?”

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Her children spend hours every day looking at the screen because of Corona:

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