Suspicious specs 4-core AMD EPYC Genoa CPUs appear online – computer – news

Presumed specifications for AMD’s EPYC server processors codenamed Genoa and Zen 4 have appeared online. The architecture will support up to 96 cores and 192 threads, complemented by 12-channel DDR5-5200 memory and PCIe 5.0.

to Information It comes from the Twitter ExecutableFix account, as unannounced data about CPUs appeared before. And therefore Developed Last year, a user prematurely tested specifications for AMD Ryzen 5000 laptop processors which turned out to be correct. Officially, AMD has yet to release any information about AMD EPYC Genoa CPUs with Zen 4 cores. The company had previously clarified that a Genoa generation would appear next year and would be manufactured using the 5nm process. These will be the first AMD server processors with Zen 4 cores; The next generation, AMD EPYC Milan server processors with Zen 3, will not be released until next month.

The 96 cores can be made possible by designing twelve chips with eight cores each, supplemented with a separate I / O template. This means that AMD will not increase the number of cores per chip, but will increase the total number of cores by integrating more chips. ExecutableFix places an image What could a Genoa design look like, which could be a more square design.

According to his information, there will be at least a new socket. Additionally, Genoa-EPYC server processors will support PCIe 5.0 with 128 paths, or 160 routers, in a two-socket configuration. It will output tdp at 320 watts; That’s 40W higher than the upcoming Romanian CPUs and Roman CPUs with Zen 2. tdp can be configured with Genoa CPUs with a maximum of 400W.

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New Genoa cores will appear in The El Capitan supercomputer. This will have a computing power of 2.2 xaflops, which is much higher than the most powerful current supercomputer. In the context of the El Capitan supercomputer, AMD said earlier that EPYC Genoa processors with Zen 4 ipc It will then introduce the next Milanese processors, but it is still not known how massive this improvement will be.

Rome EPYC 7002 EPYC 7003 Milan EPYC 7004 Genoa
building 7nm Zen 2 7nm Zen 3 5 nm Zen 4
Plug SP3 (LGA4094) SP3 (LGA4094) SP5 (LGA-6096)
Units / shiplates 8x CCD + 1x I / 0 8x CCD + 1x I / 0 12x CCD + 1x I / O
Cores 64 cores / 128 threads 64 cores / 128 threads 96 cores / 192 threads
Clock speed 3,9 GHz 4,1 GHz ?
memory 8 channels DDR4-3200 ECC 8 channels DDR4-3200 ECC 12 channels DDR5-5200 ECC
PCIe lanes 128x fourth generation 128x fourth generation 128 Gen 5
Tdp 280 watts 280 watts 320 watts

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