Monday's message about the Elden Ring, Nintendo, and the surplus back catalog

Monday’s message about the Elden Ring, Nintendo, and the surplus back catalog

Pam. It’s Monday and so you know what’s coming: an all-new edition of Letter Monday. Also this week, a lot of cool characters with and without punctuation came out. Questions about new games lately, perfect games for beginners, the new The Witcher, FromSoftware and more. See and hear it all in this all-new edition of Letter Monday. Check it out, who knows, your post might be among them.

What is the best place for a novice player to start?

This week’s question was asked about a friend who is just starting to play. What is the ideal approach, best starting point? What are the best games and genres to start with? Can she go straight to a powerful game like Elden Ring or Dark Souls? Or should she start quietly with an adventure game or a puzzle game? You’ll soon hear Huey, JJ & Skate’s advice for her. Moreover, the loyal viewer is very curious about our festive attire. Who or what to dress as if we had to imagine the character of the game? Will it be Lara Croft or rather Kirby or Luigi?

Monday message about voice acting in Nintendo games

In addition, this edition also deals with completely different topics. The community sent a lot of messages. For example, there is one around Gran Turismo 7 And the voice above is acting in Nintendo games† Because what about that now? Why doesn’t Nintendo express most of its characters? Is it laziness or a philosophy behind it? You’ll hear what we think about that. Just like the question of a loyal spectator who goes to Prague. Do we have any tips for him? You can see and hear this and much more in the message Monday for Monday 4 April 2022.

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