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You can’t expect from a new portable device that can make the entire PC gaming scene and history playable with the PC architecture, and that will work flawlessly for your entire PC game library right away. If that’s your expectation, you won’t have a true picture of PC gaming in general (backed by hundreds of thousands of combinations of hardware, drivers, operating systems and OS versions, as well as a decades-old game library, and a wide selection of games. Variety of peripheral inputs )

Steam Deck Verified rating has also been created for this purpose. If you want to think of this thing as a handheld console/device, then even based on this rating, it actually has the largest library of games by the product launch which does not require any modification/troubleshooting.

You might be wondering if you’re the target audience at all of course, but don’t forget that this hardware is truly unparalleled in an effort to make PC offerings as easy as a console without giving up on the open nature of PCs. If you dig into any bugs/issues you’ve read about (which are mostly simple or partially resolved, by the way), you’ll get a skewed view of what this thing actually does well in its first iteration, despite the challenges mentioned above in PC gaming.

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