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Relies on. If it was truly classic home automation as we know it now … it probably isn’t. But what if it was a closet that you put in the house and you would arrange for yourself? Oh no no.

– Falconhunter is standard on weekdays at 6.30am on weekdays, alarms turn off, lights, blinds open.
– ….
– After 3 weeks, Falconhunter wakes up, the lamp is already lit and the blinds are already open.

This is really going to be a step. Drop it, and it will learn / read your usual patterns on its own. So it can also adapt to summer / winter time, sunrise / sunset, dark clouds / lot of sun, etc.
You can then begin to respond on your behalf, causing you to automatically think “Oh my God, the light is already on” or “Go to the game session” on Sunday and no longer think about closing the curtains – because it really is.

The crucial point in imho is whether you arrange it, or simply put it down, and then it teaches itself your desires / behavior / rhythms / costs / … to arrange everything for you.
For example, handle power costs / generation optimally for you and move tasks in planning based on that (vacuum cleaner, washing machine, dishwasher, …) so IMO is really going to be AI.

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