Deputies angry at the Minister of Foreign Affairs;  There is no passport for the 11,000 stateless people after all |  Currently

Deputies angry at the Minister of Foreign Affairs; There is no passport for the 11,000 stateless people after all | Currently

Members of Parliament responded with indignation to VVD’s Minister of State Anke Brokers-Knoll (Justice and Security) not granting 11,000 former asylum seekers the opportunity to obtain a Dutch passport. A proposal by CDA MP Madeleine van Thuringia and SP member Jasper Van Dyck on this issue was adopted by a large majority in the chamber.

“I think this is really bad,” Van Thurenberg said. Co-creator Van Dyck talks about “Broekers-Knol’s pure political unwillingness”. According to SP “VVD shows its true face here.”

The case revolves around former asylum seekers who obtained a residence permit in 2007 due to a so-called general amnesty, but never acquired Dutch citizenship. According to the Guide to Dutch Citizenship Law, a birth certificate or passport from the country of origin for naturalization must be presented.

This additional requirement was introduced in 2009. However, many former asylum seekers were unable to provide the papers, often due to the uncertain position of their country of origin. Nevertheless, successive foreign ministers in the VVD maintained this policy. If it were up to the board, the group could still obtain a passport thirteen years after the pardon.

Broekers-Knol wants to do additional research

But the Secretary of State told the House of Representatives in a letter that she wanted to conduct additional research on the group of former asylum seekers before making a decision.

“More research,” Van Thurenberg roars. “We already have four, including one from the Ombudsman. This is a repeat of the benefits issue. This group of people is overcharged. They are allowed to stay in the Netherlands, and it was decided that long ago. Make sure they are allowed to attend. To do it. “.

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Yusef Texty-Yamani is the face of eleven thousand groups. He said last month He has lived in the Netherlands for 27 years. He says he’s disappointed with Broekers-Knol’s decision. He says, “It is touching that we are being marginalized like this. I have no words for that. We have been waiting for years and the proposal has been passed by a large majority, why is the VVD continuing to decline?”

With the election date approaching and the formation of a transitional government, Van Thurenberg and Van Dyck have few options to force the Broekers-Knol to implement the proposal. But it remains competitive. “Broekers-Knol shouldn’t make a sound, just do that move,” says Van Dyck.

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