Microsoft releases an optional update to Windows 10 with bug fixes – computer – news

And when I gave technical support and someone got the message: It’s not working, I immediately thought: There’s a good mood. What is something. ‚ÄĚSomething does not work or crashes. It could be a lot. Are they part of the operating system? Are they drivers? Are they third-party applications? What is a crash? Who has not done its job properly?

Devices not working after update something like this. If it does, it is again because the solid black manufacturer did not update the drivers. Then I really wonder what kind of devices are because this is also rare nowadays.

The only thing they’ve been changing for years is the old configuration panel to apply settings. This has finally started to go well. And if you want to find an institution, just search for it. Windows has search listings in a lot of places for a reason.

If your computer is restarting itself to install updates, please check the update settings. If you are going to restart manually, you will get the option in the power menu to install and restart updates or just restart without installing those updates.

If you don’t want a quick boot, check your BIOS settings. There you can usually turn it off and then it becomes permanent.

And those tiles? Can’t you just remove it?

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