Microsoft now also sells its own Windows 11 licenses

Microsoft now also sells its own Windows 11 licenses

Windows 11 is now also available at Microsoft itself be purchased. The operating system has been available as an OEM version at all major retailers since October last year, but Microsoft only offered it as a free update, or in combination with a computer from one of its partners.

Page “How do I get Windows 11?” On the Microsoft website it now contains the heading “Do you want Windows 11 on your PC?” to find. It wasn’t there that long; on May 17 (web.archive.orgWe only see links to Media Markt, Coolblue, and

Clicking on “Buy Windows 11” takes you to something a bit unclear Windows 11 Home product page. It’s about the download version, but it’s not mentioned anywhere if it’s an OEM license or a retail license. With some help from Google’s search engine, we’re deducing that it’s likely to be retail.

A Windows 11 Home license costs €145 from Microsoft. This is more than ~130 euros alternative And the Mijiko questions (and you also get a nice box with it). Retail versions of Windows 11 haven’t been available for a long time anyway: since April 15th, according to our product comparison. The OEM version of Windows 11 Home is slightly cheaper at €107.95.

The product page for the Pro version of Windows 11 cannot be found on the Microsoft website. We made it happen I found it anywayAt €259, this version is also more expensive than retailers, costing around €220. Windows 10 Home and Pro are still on sale at Microsoft, at the exact same prices.

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Windows 11 Home product page: Lots of words, but little information


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