The true reason for the success of Nasa t-shirts

The true reason for the success of Nasa t-shirts

In all likelihood, clothing still represents one of the most undervalued means of communication. When we think of the most common means of expressing ourselves, we certainly think of our clothes, our hair, or the accessories we sport (including mobile phones), but we are used to considering these expedients only as tools to express our personality, and not so much as actual means of communication. We do not only dress a certain way to openly manifest one or more of our personality traits but also to convey messages to those who observe us. 

The communicative potential of clothing 

Any piece of clothing, if it is made in a certain way, can become a powerful means of communication for the beholder, particularly in terms of its ability to spread a certain message and facilitate its delivery to a specific recipient. Most people are completely unaware of the communicative potential enclosed in their T-shirts: for most of them, the messages printed in clear letters on their clothes only represent something funny or aesthetically pleasing, as if they were only aware of the effect that that clothing has on them. But every piece of clothing also represents something enormously significant for those who observe us from the outside, even for the most distracted of human beings, or for those who in no way believe that a certain message presents itself to their eyes for a specific reason. 

An interesting case 

One of the most emblematic cases, from this point of view, is the case of the lucky blue T-shirts with the NASA logo. These T-shirts are so popular that you have probably seen one of them even today. But what is the reason that could explain the success of such a seemingly simple and all too basic T-shirt? The reason has to do with the power of symbolism associated with NASA, along with all the unfathomable mysteries it brings with it. Space, by definition, represents one of the most mysterious and fascinating objects of study with which man has ever measured himself. We love it so passionately precisely because we will never fully understand it, not even when our generation is totally buried in its graves. People therefore decide to buy NASA T-shirts not so much for their aesthetic value – rather meagre, we must admit – but to pay homage to one of the greatest mysteries of our existence, namely the understanding of outer space and the universe. Basically, we choose to adorn our bodies with the symbol of what we can never understand, with that which represents the unknown par excellence, and which to our eyes – precisely because of these characteristics – appears truly irresistible, like everything that is complex and mysterious. In this way, quite unconsciously, we convey a supreme truth, an extremely important message, namely our inevitable defeat against the natural and mysterious forces of the universe.

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Human beings have always been irresistibly attracted to mystery, to the unknown. The case of the NASA T-shirts is just one example, but many others could be listed. It may seem strange and paradoxical, but our species seems to feel a great attraction for everything that is beyond our control, for all those mysterious and fascinating elements that are left to chance. Uncertainty, in our eyes, holds infinite possibilities, even extremely positive ones, precisely because it is not clearly defined. Just think of the passion for gambling, which has always characterised every phase of human history. The possibility of a big win, together with a particular taste for the unknown, for the uncontrollable, has always pushed man to experiment with these amusements, and to elect them as one of the most satisfying activities one can indulge in. To indulge this everlasting passion, nowadays some of the best online gambling portals have created very useful reviews to help every player find his favourite casino, thus saving him many hours of tiring online research. All the reviews, among which you can also find online casino reviews for New Zealand players have been created by a team of experts at the site’s disposal, made up entirely of professionals in the sector, who have honestly evaluated every single site within the portal. Also thanks to these useful reviews, nowadays, starting to explore the magical world of online entertainment is even easier and more electrifying.

The clothes we wear contain hidden truths that we more or less consciously decide to transmit to the world as if we were silent amplifiers of destiny’s messages. 

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